What’s so special about an Exceptionist, besides the monthly savings?

Our receptionists are exceptional because they…..

  • Organize themselves for efficiency
  • Quickly respond to new requests
  • Proactively approach customer service
  • Motivate themselves to be results oriented
  • Hone skills that are developed by experience
  • Maintain a professional and friendly demeanor
  • Legitimately enjoy customer service!

When you choose to work with an Exceptionist you are choosing a new team member (without the responsibility of overhead costs). Your callers will benefit from friendly familiarity which nurtures a healthy working relationship and customer loyalty.

Don’t hire an entry-level receptionist who costs more in time and money; it’s time to stop the turnover! Instead, work with Exceptionist, LLC and take advantage of an off-site receptionist who has years of experience, practices consistency, and genuinely enjoys the work.

Hear it from our clients!

“Jenn is killing it. I just mentioned to her that I couldn’t remember the last time emails and voicemails were both all resolved before 830. Having her support has been a total game changer, and I’m so happy it’s working out well.”

-Ashlei at Bugg Tree Care

“Since working with Lacie, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from both my employees and my customers. You know you have a great person on your team when no one can tell the difference between her and anyone else on my staff when it comes to the personal touch that is provided daily. I am really happy she is here and I look forward to many more years of her services.”

-Michael at Anchor Network Solutions

“Whole heartedly recommend The Exceptionist to any small business who needs assistance fielding phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. Lacie is sharp, and great with clients on the phone, making our teammates’ days more manageable. This service allows our office manager the ability to focus on tasks during the day, without constant interruption. The Exceptionist has become an integral part of our team!”

-Briana at Tree Health Management

“She’s really good with clients and managing handoffs between clients and technicians. We’ve enjoyed working with her! It’s helped us focus on other things and know that we are well represented by her on the phone.”

-Ashley at LogicSpeak

“Lacie is very professional and easy to work with. She gives me peace of mind knowing that she is covering my office calls and emails when I am not available.”

-Jodi at Palace Meets Coworking

“Working with Exceptionist, LLC is one of the best decisions a busy small business owner who values customer service could make. Super organized, friendly, and on top of so many things so I don’t have to be!”

-Michelle at Virtual Learning Helpers / Madison Newborn Care

Best of all, have you seen our prices? You can provide your customers with much more for a lot less!