Full-Time or Part-Time Receptionist

Monday through Friday, a professional receptionist works off-site as an extension of your team! Your Exceptionist can…

  • Greet inbound callers
  • Make outbound calls*
  • Provide online customer service
  • Handle administrative support tasks
  • Manage voicemails

Meaning they will…

  • Provide educated answers to customer service questions
  • Schedule and manage appointments
    • We boost efficiency by being mindful of drive-times, locations, routes, and more!
  • Route calls to appropriate staff
  • Secure orders/receive payments
  • Screen out telemarketers
  • Deliver and return messages via phone, email, chat, or text
  • Respond to live-chats
  • Organize and respond to emails
  • Send appointment confirmations/reminders
  • Maintain customer records
  • Manage out-of-office settings
  • Stay up to date with your company changes

Can the Exceptionist do tasks that aren’t listed here?

  • Our Exceptionists have many skills and the willingness to learn is one of them!
    • Depending on the task requested there may be an additional fee
    • *Routine outgoing calls are included, such as:
      • Returning a voicemail message
      • Delivering an appointment reminder
      • Relaying courtesy messages (ie “Adam is on his way to meet with you, he’s just run into some traffic and will be about 5 minutes late). 
      • Batched follow-up calls, cold calls, recruitment calls, etc. are not included in regular services and are available at the discretion of the Exceptionist for an additional fee

What is the Value?

Choose an ExceptionistHire the old-fashioned way
Full-time (40 hrs/wk) only $1,200/monthminimum $2,400 per month
Part-time (20 hrs/wk)only $785/monthminimum $1,200 per month
Save $415-1,200 per month!
-Stop the overhead headache of HR, management, and payroll
-Reclaim that office space for yourself or get rid of it entirely!

*terms apply
Pay an extra $415-1,200 every month!
-Don’t forget to pay for insurance, benefits, payroll fees, equipment, staff turnover, office space, etc.