Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Before your Exceptionist begins manning your off-site front desk, we gather as much information as we can (or as much as you want us to have) about your business and how you wish reception to operate. If you have resources pre-made that’s great and, if not, we’ll create them! Our bottom line is to learn the details just like anyone else on your team would. A well informed receptionist is a best friend to everyone.

For the technical aspects we’ll decide what works together. We can talk about what tools work best for the team, whether you already have them set up or you want to try something new!

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes! Once we’re ready to rev the engine we’ll have you forward your business line to a private number (a DID). That number allows the Exceptionist’s phone to ring (using a PBX system) with your business name and the customer’s caller ID, so we can answer with your specific greeting! We can even control where the call goes based on the weekday or time. Cool, huh?

Can you place outbound calls?

Yes! We can place outbound calls using caller ID blocking or, for a small additional fee, we can assign a secondary DID that will route return calls back to your business line.

How many businesses does one receptionist work with?

This varies based on the Exceptionist! We take care to maintain a level of call volume that allows calls to be answered or returned in a timely fashion, while also leaving time in the day to complete administrative tasks.

Each Exceptionist has at least 4 businesses assigned to them, but may choose to take on more until they feel they’ve reached a comfortable peak.

I don’t want my Exceptionist answering calls for my competition, is that okay?

We completely understand that this is a concern for some. To offer an option that is fair to both your business and ours, your business may claim Industry Exclusivity with your assigned Exceptionist for an additional monthly fee.

How do you bill?

For Full-time and Part-time services, invoices are sent on the 15th of the month and payment is due on the 1st. To begin services, the first month must be paid prior to your start date. If you start after the 1st weekday of the month your amount will be prorated.

For Administrative Only services, invoices are sent on the 1st of the month and are billed based on time spent on tasks the previous month.

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