What is an ‘Exceptionist’?

The unicorn of off-site receptionists.

An exceptional receptionist (an “Exceptionist”, if you will) loves the ins and outs of customer service. 

Organized, quick to respond, proactive, friendly, and self-motivated with skills developed by experience, an Exceptionist works off-site for your business to ensure that your customers are always met with another reason to confidently continue working with you.

Our goal for your customers is to provide knowledgeable responses and consistency in quality of service with a warmth and level of professionalism that lets them know they contacted the right place. Our goal for you? To give your wallet a break, without sacrificing your sanity or reputation, by teaming you up with a receptionist who cares about both.  

If your work-space doesn’t have the space or equipment, the budget, the need for a physical front desk or if your current receptionist is over-worked (or if you’re just tired of the hiring headache), then we are the right solution for you!